Getting Started with Coding

 Last updated 10/2022    English [Auto]

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Course Content

5 sections • 15 lectures • 1h 10m
Getting Started with Coding
3 Lectures • 19m 13s
  • Coding in Scratch 5m 11s
  • PPT of Coding in Scratch
  • Quizzes on coding 5m 0s
  • Sprites 2m 56s
  • PPT of Sprites
  • Quizzes on Sprites 5m 0s
  • Algorithms 4m 10s
  • PPT of Algorithms
  • Quizzes on Algorithm 10m 0s
  • Coding Programs 8m 57s
  • PPT of Coding Programs
  • Quizzes on Coding program 10m 0s

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